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Furthering Your Education Abroad couldn't be any easier than this

China offers a wide window of opportunities for any student who wants to challenge him/herself with embracing different cultures. The Chinese are warm people who encourage the world to experience the high quality of education they have to offer. Be it medicine or business…


In line with our desire to provide early international exposure and experience for our young ones, we have Exchange Programs targeted at the youth between the ages of thirteen and seventeen. We believe this is a product which should appeal to any parent or guardian who desires to position his/her ward to be able to embrace the dynamism of globalization as they grow to take charge of the future.


TRAVEL TRUST acknowledges the immerse pressure on our private and public universities such that even those who can afford university education are left out during admission processes. We have positioned ourselves to ensure that nobody is left out of school once they can afford a better alternative elsewhere in different part of the world.